I have two goals when I write 

1. Make people laugh out loud

2. Make them want to find out what happens next

and… Wait! Wait, three goals, three

3. Get stuff published

and…Wait! Wait, four goals, four

4. Make enough money to live in luxury, as in ‘Pay off my credit cards.’



You know that awful feeling…or maybe you don’t, but anyone in ‘The Biz’ does…when you go to hear a friend sing and he is one of 39 performers, including two depressed Spoken Word folk and a Bob Dylan wannabe? And you get stuck stuck at a front table, and there’s no intermission and no escape and your friend is #37 anyway, so it hardly matters.

WELL, THAT DIDN’T HAPPEN LAST NIGHT! We went to LaTiDo at the Black Fox in DC, where Jonathan Tuzman, our newest, extremely talented pianist plays every Monday. We were at the front table, and there was no intermission, but everybody was GREAT, so you should go, even if you are a starving artist. The cover is just $10, and there’s no minimum, and come on, it’s Monday night. That’s your dark night. You have no excuse.