To paraphrase My Fair Lady


On one of our two-mile “keep from going crazy” jaunts, I remarked to Arnold, “We have never walked down this streets before.” Also, we’d never driven down them. And they’re all within a few blocks of the junior high our sons attended. And they’re all beautiful. Also they have cool signs.

2 thoughts on “To paraphrase My Fair Lady

  1. It i I s strange that we’ve been driving everywhere and Now we can walk and enjoy the changing light and beautiful gardens. Home signs are now a new form of community protest including patriotism coupled with respectful wishes for positive change.


  2. My husband saw this on a bumper sticker the other day. He told me because for the last several years, every time I see a halfway decent/intelligent person on MSNBC, I say “She/he could be president.” Glad to know the message is going viral.


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