Blog Block


It’s been a little while (if you define “a little while ” as Paleozoic Era) since I’ve posted. I’ve been absorbed in the issues of the fate of our country, our world, and the proper use of the past perfect tense and, can I just not use it ever, because I’m writing YA, and hardly any teen uses it if they can possibly get away with past tense.*
But I thought my readers might worry that I’d been cryogenically frozen
until the government changed hands and/or there was a vaccine for COVID. So I’m back. Now I must return to the grim task of fixing some major continuity issues in my current WIP.
Be well. Stay Well.
*Also hardly any adult

One thought on “Blog Block

  1. See, this is what’s so great about pondering weighty questions. Past perfect. Past. Whatever. The crowning moment, for me, arrived with thee words: “and, can I just not use it ever,”

    Now, that’s writerly brilliance. It arrests the eye, draws in the reader’s utter attention. It achieves a certain musicality. Bravo!


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