Django Wexler


I’ve decided to forgive Django Wexler for tricking me* into thinking The Forbidden Library was a standalone, even though the sequel is in hardcover and I bought it anyway, and with my luck there will be at least 62 more sequels. I have decided to forgive him, because I’m also a Carnegie Mellon Alum**, and let’s face it, we’re a tricky bunch.

*Or maybe the publisher tricked me. It happens.

**Having graduated slightly after the Louisiana Purchase


My shelves are full, and my books are gradually taking over every empty surface in the house, so here’s my plan: Save only the novels that are so wonderful I could read them again, and/or so wonderful I tell my friends* they have to read it, and give everything else away

*As to my enemies, to quote Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka, “You get nothing, you lose, good day, sir.”

Politics and Prose


Saw a wonderful panel at Politics and Prose* last night: Openly Gay YA. It made me laugh and cry, partly because it was so moving, but mostly because I said to myself I will NEVER write anything that important. I write wiseass. But the world could use a little more wiseass…I hope.

*Wonderful was probably redundant. Everything at P&P is wonderful.


I would like to amend my previous post about Jar City. It has moved up to the ‘Very Good Book’ category, because the ending made me cry.