Now that a third agent has said they loved the storyline but the writing, not so much (they didn’t actually say ‘rotten.’ The term the last one used was ‘not compelling’), I have decided major changes are in order for the beginning two chapters. I honestly, truly believed that if they had read the next ten pages (or perhaps the next two paragraphs, because that’s how it works) they would have like it much better. So I’ve started massive revisions. Check out the first two pages. Don’t tell me if you think it’s worse. I will be sad.



In my quest to read at least one YA novel a week, I just read a very bad book. The action revolved around the main character’s amnesia; losing every memory of her past, even her own name because of a single brain damage-free, traumatic experience, a complete gimmick, since generally that’s not the way it works. The author used the word ‘shiver’ (in a passion sort of way) at least 742 times, and the females made the ones in Mean Girls look like Mother Teresa’s kinder younger sisters. I solved the mystery in chapter 2. And yet, I enjoyed it. Go figure.

149 & (very slowly) COUNTING


Only three days after I posted a new chapter I’ve gone from 100 to 168 readers on Wattpad. I speak now of my novel, not my blog, which I believe has slightly fewer than six. I have even discovered that some of them are in the 12-14 year-old category! Again, I speak only of my novel. My blog has nearly one teen reader. So let’s push that # to 200! I know we can do it (meaning ‘you.’ I’m not allowed to raise my own count).

p.s. When I first checked my stats an hour ago, the # was 149. I’ve gone nano-viral!



According to Wattpad, 100 people have now read the first 30 pages of my YA novel, The Girl Who Saw Invisible Stars, which considering the fact that it has no vampires, werewolves or sex, is not so bad. I hope that didn’t discourage you from reading it. It is a little weird, if that helps.



Now that I have decided to devote myself entirely to writing (with an occasional load of laundry thrown in), the NOW THIS! gigs are flowing in. This, despite the fact that I have done no marketing whatsoever for many a month. I should have started writing sooner.

On an only marginally related subject, this is my son Michael’s brand new comedy reel and you should all watch it so you can say you knew him when, which wouldn’t be true, but I’ll back you up, anyway.



I have now been able to write two hours without interruption. There’s probably some other stuff like *civic responsibility, but I gotta be honest. Today it’s about getting some writing done.

*This is my 14th time. I’m entitled to be flippant.



I’m reading another amazing YA novel, Eleanor and Park. It’s  nuanced and wonderfully written. At first that depressed me. I will never be able to write anything like that. And then it came to me. I’m not going to try. I’m going to write crass, commercial, funny and wise ass fiction. If the reader finds it meaningful it will be strictly projection.*

*My parents were clinical psychologists. Expect ‘displacement’ and ‘transference’ to show up in future posts.



I know you’re dying to learn whether Star and Jake turn into Gorgons and conquer the world. Spoiler alert: they don’t. Because many (or possibly all of you) are friends, I know you would say “Carol, TELL US WHAT COMES NEXT, even though you have no idea who Star and Jake are. So what I really, really need you to do is test market this on a 10-15 year-old girl. If she says she cares WHAT COMES NEXT, email me at and I will post more pages



I have now learned how to add a chapter to, and change the title of my novel on Wattpad to The Girl Who Saw Invisible Stars. I chose that after extensive market research.* So now, if you go to you will actually have the opportunity to find out what happens in Chapter 2…the anticipation builds.

*The 11 year-old girl across the street.



So one of the really cool things about Wattpad is you can keep editing. It’s amazing what you see when your writing is off your page and onto a website; goofs, words and phrases used 72 (ok, maybe not 72, but definitely two) times in the same chapter and ways to make the story way, way, better, or at least, less mediocre. So now you can go to the link below and see the new, improved version of chapter 1 of my novel, whose name is going to change if I can ever figure how to do that on WATTPAD.