Dear woman speaking in broken Spanish at next table in my favorite coffee/writing place and laughing at the 120 decibel level every thirty seconds,

Nothing is that funny.


Unknown search terms


That’s how my blog stats page insist a very nice person (I know because they glanced at seven posts) found me. It would be very disheartening to learn that the unknown search term was “Carol Nissenson.”

Oh, Canada


42 views from some anonymous visitor from Canada, and I didn’t even mention that I think Justin Trudeau is cute.*

*This was a highly toned down assessment, as it would be improper for someone my age to put it in any other terms.

Hit Send


Q. What is scarier than sending a requested manuscript to an agent?

A. Sending it to an editor ten minutes later.

I think I will forego my afternoon latte for a glass of Torrontés.

Important Writing Rule


Good authors don’t use adverbs… except for the Bronte sisters, Jane Austen, Rainbow Rowell, Jhumpa Lahiri, Jess Walter, Dodie Smith, Mark Twain, Henning Mankell, and pretty much everyone else* on my bookshelves.

*I didn’t find any in the four pages I read of the late Donald Barthelme’s work, but I knew him, so I forgive him.