Critiquing my new Critique group*


Here are some reasons I love my new critique group.

  1. It’s small, and we can get through everything in 90 minutes.
  2. Nobody gets defensive (which helps with #1).
  3. I agree with 90% of their comments**
  4. We all live within a relatively short ride of each other***

I hope they also bring good snacks, but that might be too much happiness.

*With apologies to my old ones, because they were also quite wonderful.

**So they are clearly brilliant and insightful.

***Unless it’s rush hour, because, you know, Northern Virginia.

In re business calls


Writers, do you believe the woman sitting next you making business calls on her cell for over an hour in your favorite coffee/writing spot should get a life sentence without hope of parole?*

*Rhetorical question

From the World of Editing


Three things I have learned while editing my current WIP

  1. I spend too much time on “Where to put a comma” websites.
  2. And I promptly forget whatever rules I learned on those sites
  3. My chapter numbers are out of order
  4. There is a reason people hire editors*

Did I say three? See what I mean?

*She said, preparing to hear from editors who catch all the spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors in the preceding lines.

In which I demonstrate great bravery


I hit the submit button on a query page. Only those of you at #amwriting and similar #s will understand the significance. Also a few people who are spending their time productively instead of fooling around on Twitter.*

*If you’re reading this, you’re probably fooling around on Twitter, so ignore the fact that I referred to it as “fooling around.” You’re probably gathering important information by watching funny cat videos.

Ittoqqortoormiit, Greenland


My Mac message autocorrect function had absolutely no problem with Ittoqqortoormiit, Greenland. Yet it turned Mi Sheberach (a Jewish prayer for healing) into “Midge era he.” Although I can’t prove it, I bet Mi Sheberach is used many more times around the world every day than Ittoqqortoormiit, Greenland.*

Except in Ittoqqortoormiit, Greenland**

**On second thought, probably there too.