Insecure Writers Support Group


I saw this on another writer’s blog  It’s a very, very, large group,* and yet it has great therapeutic potential, as in “I know some of those people who sometimes think their writing sucks are future NYT Bestseller list chart toppers, so maybe I am too, because I sometimes think my writing sucks.”

So here’s my (actually straightforward) answer to this month’s question. One thing I’ve learned since I started writing is that if you write 8500 words and throw all of them out, you’ve still written something. I read about an author who had written 85,000 words of the third book of a trilogy (first two already published), threw them out, and started over. Realized she want to tell a different character’s story. Yes, the new version was a hit.

*As in “All of us”

Creative frenzy


Good part: My fantastically gifted daughter-in-law took time out from her thousand-hour-a-week work schedule to critique three chapters of my manuscript. She said many very nice things and also pointed out some potentially fatal (yet fixable) shortcomings.

Bad part: My brain turned on and wouldn’t turn off. I wrote until 3:30 and got up at 7:30. Almost afraid to review my changes, which, though they seemed brilliant at the time, may read more like, “See Spot run. Run, Spot. Run!”

Coffee break


After 5 days in Canada, where everything was wonderful except the coffee and I was having too much fun* to focus on my writing, I have returned to my favorite writing spot. The coffee is actually coffee-colored, as opposed to translucent. I’m able to concentrate despite the young guy doing a job interview at the next table. He just told the recruiter he has lived in “lots of interesting places” especially Dayton, Ohio and Nebraska.”**

*Not that kind of fun. Theatre, family, winery visits, three-hour dinners.


**Direct quote

Dear Facebook


You keep nagging me to fill out the “Where do you work” section in my profile. If I said “Bump ‘n Grind” it would be the truth, but probably a little misleading. Fellow writers will understand.*

*As well as anyone in Silver Spring who loves coffee.