Shameless name dropping


Ok, this might not actually qualify, as I don’t remember the guy’s name, but Muhammad Ali’s business manager once defended my honor on a DC-bound Amtrak train. He also gave me Ali’s autographed pic. How do I know he was actually Ali’s business manager? He was working on his taxes.


Writing break


I’m going on a short vacation soon, and I said to myself, “Self, you should take a break from writing while you’re away. You’ll be revived and refreshed when you return. Your creative juices will flow again.”

As usual, this a complete lie of heroic proportions. I’m taking a break because all I’m doing now is querying, a process so horrendous I would use any excuse not to have to write another synopsis. This would include the ever reliable, “My grandma died.” She would be approximately 130 if she hadn’t died, so of course she died…just not recently.



1. I got 3 “likes” in yesterday’s Pitmad extravaganza. For the uninitiated, this is a quarterly, or possibly biennial, or once in a century* Twitter event. You get to tweet a 140-character description of your book.** If an agent or editor is interested in seeing a few thousand more characters, you get one of those tiny hearts by your tweet.

I pitched 4 projects and two got requests. I must confess I was feeling a little like the joke about the mother who buys her son two ties. He comes to breakfast wearing one, and she says, “What’s the matter? You didn’t like the other one?”

2. Someone from South Africa visited my blog. Probably an accident.

*I’m too lazy to look it up.

**Which is expected to be a lot longer than 140 characters

Continuity hell, yet again


So I’ve finished the first draft of my MG mystery ( hey, I’ve tried every other genre except ¬†dystopian cookbooks). The continuity issues of the day/time variety are so aggravating, I’m thinking of inventing new days of the week* so I can insert one, as needed.

*How do we feel about Cheaterday and Fudge-it-day?



Nothing funny or witty today. Just a bit about how you might help the people of Houston and beyond. Think about some of the smaller charities like the Houston Food Bank and Texas Diaper Bank. They have very few administrative expenses, so more of your gift goes to the people in need. Also, check out  They evaluate charities for effectiveness, honesty, etc.