Like, you know?


The very lovely and clearly bright young woman behind me at my coffee/writing spot is doing a job interview. She’s used the word “like” twelve times in two sentences.* Although she’s also using words like “protocol” and “robotics,” she’s coming off like a refugee from Encino. I am sad.

*Yes, I counted.

What I’m Reading (not that you asked)


I don’t read. I devour. Unless I don’t like the first 15 pages. Then I shelve the book in my “TBR”* collection.

In the last two weeks I’ve inhaled the first two books in Rainbow Rowell’s Simon Snow series. I hope she takes time writing the third, because I seriously have to read something else occasionally.

Now I’m half-way through a memoire, which is odd since I hate them unless they’re hilarious, and I like plot, (lots of plot) and believe there should be a legal limit on the number of adjectives you can use per page. **

So when I tell you to read Four Seasons in Rome, by Anthony Doerr, you know how fabulous it must be. It has only a sliver of plot and it’s definitely over the legal limit for adjectives.

*This is a euphemism for “I’m never, ever going to open this book again, but it has a nice cover,

**I also love run-on sentences. This isn’t going to be one.

Today’s question from the Insecure Writer’s Support Group blog


I’ve also heard people make this idiotic claim (writers shouldn’t read). For me, one of the perks of becoming a writer, was an excuse to spend countless hours reading. Research! So what if I’m sitting on a plane, reading a middle grade novel? Research! A Victorian romance? Research! Do I need to clean the house? So sorry. Too busy doing research!

Happiness is a good critique group*


So one of my two partners in my last critique group (which I loved) had the nerve to have a baby. So much for that group, which especially distressed me because a group (which I also loved) from a couple of years prior fell apart because both my partners had the nerve to prioritize their families and work over our meetings. I was bereft.**

Low and behold, a partner in one group suggested exchanging pages and a partner from the older group said “Hey kids. Let’s put on a show!” Or as we writers say it, “Put together a new critique group.” And everyone’s great and they better not have the nerve to find something more essential they have to do.***

*So are cute little puppies, kittens, and adorable granddaughters but they’re not a whole lot of help revising a novel.

**That may be a slight overstatement. I just like the word.

***Just kidding, but you knew that.

I Have Renamed Sunday


The new name will be “No Writing or Querying Day.” To make sure I don’t succumb to temptation, we’re going to drive to Frederick, walk through the amazing Carroll Creek Park, and have tea* and a bran muffins.

*When I have tea instead of a latté, you know I’m serious about taking a writing break.

Too Many Ifs


I’ve spent the last 90 minutes finding ways of cutting down the gazillion times I use the word, “if” in my manuscript.* To reward myself, I’m going to spend the next 5 minutes looking at this.

*Don’t get me started on the “ands, ors, buts,”

You Can Write On Vacation!


I can’t believe I managed to do three wine tastings and still sit on the porch at the b&b in Canada and write for two hours today.

Or possibly, I just imagined I was writing when I sat on the porch because…wine tastings.