The terror of hitting ‘Send.’


After two weeks revising revisions of revisions, I bit the bullet* and sent my manuscript to the very nice editor who requested. I feel bereft,  like a mom on the day her kid leaves for college. At least my manuscript won’t come home with a duffel bag full of dirty laundry or ask me to send money**.

*I’ve never bitten a bullet. I feel certain it wouldn’t be good for my teeth.

**Actually, I was planning to ask it to send me money.

More from the world of theatre


While playing Tuptim in King and I  I once made an entrance not knowing a longline bra was stuck on the sleeve of my beautiful bejeweled robe. Terry Saunders, who played Lady Thiang in the movie*, rushed onstage, pulled it off my sleeve and threw it into the right wing. I had no idea what had happened, which is fortunate, because you can’t play a sad scene if you’re shrieking with laughter.

The Yul Brynner/Deborah Kerr, not the Martin Vidnovic one, because, seriously, why would you watch any other version?



I was relieved to discover that you can get from Bennington Vermont to northern NJ in 3 hours, not that I plan to make the drive.* It’s just that my characters would be moving to a new house at 2am if it was  much further. These characters are odd, but in a Magical Realism sort of way, not a “Hey, let’s get up in the middle of the night and drive a moving van down a mountain” way.

*I have nothing against either state, but we** are talking about my book, not my vacation itinerary.

**Ok, technically we aren’t talking at all. It’s a figure of speech. Get over it.

Sitar Arts Center


I got an email from the above mentioned entity. I was deeply disturbed to discover you can’t take sitar lessons there*. It seems like a fine institution, nonetheless. You should probably check it out.

*Not really. In college I went to a Ravi Shankar concert. I think it’s still going on.