Chick Lit


At first I bristled when an agent said, “I think this novel is actually a Chick Lit/Cozy Crime mashup.” Then my first beta reader (also known as my husband) said, “This is supposed to appeal to women, right?” Ok, Chick Lit.

Small distractions


About an hour ago in my writing spot the emergency lights started flashing. Once a minute a robotic voice announced that everyone should leave the building. Not a single person got up. Hardly anyone even looked up, though this went on for ten minutes. We were writing. We were drinking soy mochas. We were standing our ground.*

Now two guys at the table next to me are having a loud conference with a disembodied voice on speakerphone. They are discussing addiction clinics. If they don’t leave soon I will need drugs.**

*Please note the restraint I exhibited in avoiding an obvious pun.

**Thank God for headphones and Chuck Mangione.

Hubris defined


The agent who requested my full manuscript asked if I thought there was potential for a sequel. So I’m writing one. Even though she hasn’t said ‘yes’ to the first one, yet.

More wisdom from the world of theatre


Some people might say it was unwise to stay up until 2:30am when I had to be at the airport at 8:30am for the flight to Lansing to do a show Thursday night. Those ‘some people’ would not be Cubs fans.

Most people would say I, unlike some cast members, was wise* to skip “$2.99 Margarita” night at the restaurant next door to our hotel after the show was over.

*Ok. It wasn’t wisdom. I didn’t have the energy to walk the 50 feet.I would have loved a margarita.


From the world of theatre


What I learned from last night’s show in Lansing, MI.

Central Michigan U. students are very nice.

My troupe does not understand the concept “I will interview you one at a time,” so our interview for the local TV station was more like the sound equivalent of a photobomb.

You can ask for a cart at O’Hare and they will drive you to your connecting flight, which someone* has stupidly booked you with a mere 15 minutes to get there.

*Read ‘me’