Smart business


Got a nice mention in Smart Business Magazine.

Though it begs the question, if I’m so smart, how come I’m an actor and a writer?

I have read a very good book


It’s called Flipped and it’s more or less about a childhood crush, that greatly resembles my own, including a few that happened when I was 19. I was a late bloomer.

Also I have discovered  a hilarious Twitter page called Veryrealistic YA. Don’t go there. It will take up hours of your time.

More about very bad book


What I really hated about the very bad book was that the action was usually moved forward because the female character, who has a 4.0 and is Harvard material, never followed the instructions of the people who always gave her good advice, and always followed the people who never give her good advice. I can accept that a author uses this device a few times over say, 400 pages, but always? This, by the way, is a conceit used by lots of crummy books and movies, to be fair.

Dear Writers,

Women are not that stupid.

There, I am done being angry.

Side note to my fans in Brazil


First, let me say I am really, really happy you visit my blog almost every day. Second, let me say I really, really  hope that you are not looking for my first cousin, Allen, a well known nephrologist, or my distant cousin Hugh, a well know writer, instead. Damn. I think I just made things worse.

I have stopped reading a very bad book


It is the second book of a trilogy. Why did you bother finishing the first, you might ask. Well, I was hoping the soap-opera-ish* plot actually made sense, and the author would do something that would at least begin to clarify the burning questions I still had. She didn’t. It only got worse.

*For those of you who are old enough to remember All My Children, think Luke and Laura. Oh, come on, admit it. You watched it.