Dear Young Woman


It’s time for another installment of everybody’s favorite blog series*

Dear Young Woman in my coffee/writing place,

You just announced to your friend as she approached your table, “I don’t want you to get near me. I’m very sick.”

I believe”Why are you here” is one of life’s great philosophical questions. In this case, I mean it literally.

*everyone meaning me

How Do You Say “Laptop” in Castilian Spanish?


I’m spending a week in Madrid this fall. I should be figuring out what to pack, who’s going to watch the house, and how to say a few essential phrases with a Castilian accent. But am I doing that? Of course not. Instead, I’m worrying if it would somehow be wrong to write every day when I’m visiting a place that was near the top of my Bucket List, and if it’s safe to bring my laptop.*

*No offense, Madrid. I worry about that everywhere, because my soul is lodged squarely between the space bar and the command key.

My Copious Spare Time


Why only join one critique group when you can join two? Many reasons, like 130 pages a month of reading and making suggestions that are helpful, insightful, and complimentary, with an occasional dose of brutal.*

Some might say, “How are you going to manage 130 pages a month?”

*If you define ‘brutal’ as “I thought you might want to try something else here, but if you don’t it’s ok. It’s only my opinion and I could be wrong.”