House Arrest


Our sons have put us on house arrest because of the Coronavirus pandemic. Technically, it’s of the honor system variety, but they do text, call, FaceTime, etc. at least once a day. If they catch me at my favorite coffee/writing spot, there will be hell (or at least, heck) to pay. So I’ve made a list of the several positives.

  1. I’m blogging for the first time in weeks.*
  2. I’m writing more.
  3. I can watch every single season of Project Runway All Stars without feeling guilty about it.
  4. I have the time to take two long walks a day.
  5. I can order groceries online, which is way more fun than I thought it would be.
  6. Also, I can contemplate the very nice view outside out breakfast room window

*If you don’t see that as a positive, pretend you do.