Who are these people, and why are they following me?


From time to time,* I acquire a Twitter follower whose interest in me is inexplicable, like their page is in Chamicuro or written in the Xylphoka alphabet. Some want to date me, despite the fact that,

A. We’ve never met, B. I’m at least 3 times their age, and C. we’d probably have to communicate by hand signals.

Did these people wake up one morning and say to themselves, “I think I’ll follow everyone whose last name stars with ‘N’?”**


*As in ‘hourly’

**I’m sure this isn’t the right way to punctuate this, but let’s be honest. Do you care?

Nameless, yet impressive, namedropping


Once my family got to sit in the Presidential box at the Kennedy. Unfortunately* the President wasn’t there.**

The only thing about the evening that impressed my sons was being offered chocolate covered strawberries while the orchestra was playing.


*Or fortunately, depending on your political leanings

**Neither was I.



It’s Wednesday. That means instead of writing or cleaning house,* I am tweeting clever lines from my various WIPs and reading even cleverer tweets from other authors’ WIPs. I even have my 1lineWed t-shirt on.**

*No snide remarks from those of you who have seen my house

**No, honestly.