Lock me up


In the (almost completed) process of switching POVs from third person past, to 1st person alternating, I somehow managed to leave out two chapters, without which readers* will be saying “Where did that come from?”

Getting this mess fixed is a complete nightmare. I will need lots of Bailey’s, cookies, Valium, or all three. Of course I’m kidding…except about the cookies.


*Note my optimism regarding the possibility of future readers.

Let’s have another cup of coffee*


Travel to a variety of destinations & shows in a variety of places have kept me away from creative endeavors in my favorite coffee spot for nearly a month. There was what I believe can be safely identified as a collective sigh of relief  from the staff when I returned yesterday. You know you’re getting old when they automatically assume you’ve died if you’re gone a few weeks.

*Raise your hand if you know this reference. Now put it down before you strain yourself.


More from the world of theatre*


Here’s what I learned last week at the Shaw Festival.

The moral of The Dance of Death is “Life Sucks, and Then You Die.”

Ditto Uncle Vanya

If you taste 18 different wines even those itty bitty sips will eventually cause a haze to spread over you.

Homemade Canadian scones are far superior to Starbucks’.**

*Audience side

**Actually, I knew that from past experience. Just thought it worth mentioning.