Coffee break


After 5 days in Canada, where everything was wonderful except the coffee and I was having too much fun* to focus on my writing, I have returned to my favorite writing spot. The coffee is actually coffee-colored, as opposed to translucent. I’m able to concentrate despite the young guy doing a job interview at the next table. He just told the recruiter he has lived in “lots of interesting places” especially Dayton, Ohio and Nebraska.”**

*Not that kind of fun. Theatre, family, winery visits, three-hour dinners.


**Direct quote

Dear Facebook


You keep nagging me to fill out the “Where do you work” section in my profile. If I said “Bump ‘n Grind” it would be the truth, but probably a little misleading. Fellow writers will understand.*

*As well as anyone in Silver Spring who loves coffee.

Writus Interruptus


I haven’t blogged and have hardly written for several days, but I have an excellent excuse. I was in Chicago, eating Greek food and French toast* I also had very stimulating conversations with dear friends, and some day, I will incorporate them into a novel.**

Now I’m home where the food is not nearly as interesting, and I expect to churn out many chapters today.***

*Not together, you silly.

**Maybe. Possibly. Hey, it could happen.

***See comment above.

Best laid plans


First I intended to blog my whole book one paragraph at a time. Then I cut it down to one chapter. Now even I am bored of doing it. But remember, when* it’s published you can say you read page here first.

*Notice the optimistic “when” as opposed to” if.”

7th morsel


I’m not even going to pretend this is a paragraph, but here it is.


“Will you be needing a second key?” He asks.

I hope so, but I don’t want to jinx things. “Not for now.”

When I unlock the door to my room, I’m disappointed to discover that despite its name, the Badminton Room doesn’t come complete with net, rackets, and a shuttlecock (love the word)Now that would have been fun. I’m completely mystified by the décor: flowery wallpaper with an occasional bird thrown in for relief, a canopy bed (also flower and bird-themed), and a matching china vase and bowl (even flowerier) sit on top of a small black chest of drawers.