I didn’t buy much in the way of new clothes for a year. But masks? Boy, did I buy a lot of masks.

This is one of my favorites.

I enjoyed wearing it on our daily walks.

I’m enjoying not wearing it on our daily walks even more.



The Highlights Foundation campus is open again! I’m doing a 4-day personal retreat. I’ll have my own cabin! I’ll walk through the meadow! I’ll eat great food! I’ll read!

Oh, yeah. I will probably write too, because that’s supposed to be the point.

In all seriousness*, the timing is perfect. I’m at that point in revising that I’m not only searching for missing puzzle pieces, I’m smashing some of the ones I already have.

*Possibly a first for me. Savor it while you can.



Most important events of the last two weeks

  1. Got to LA and Hastings-on-Hudson to see both sons and families.
  2. Found great coffee places in both*

*Because how do you write without great coffee?

PS. That’s not me in the photo**

**Feel better now?

I Got a Full Request!


Yes, an agent actually asked me for the full manuscript a couple of days ago! She said my sample was great! Because I’m a writer, I’ve already shifted into the “Now she’s reading it and saying to herself, ‘what was I thinking when I asked for this?” stage But I’m not going to linger on that. Instead, I’m going to watch a video of a zoom session between a kitten, a lawyer, and a judge over and over again.