Pardon My Mistakes


The next time someone points out an error I’ve made in re grammar, spelling, punctuation, or usage, I’m going to say, “Oh, no. That was intentional. It’s part of my voice.*”

*Which, by the way, Spellcheck turned into ‘void.’ Is it trying to tell me something?

Since she’ll never read this


The beauty of knowing there is no chance the agent you* desperately want to like you** reads your*** blog or follows you, is that you can write anything you want without sounding like a sycophant

*Meaning ‘I’

**Meaning ‘me’

***Meaning ‘my’

Oh, the heck with it. I’m losing track of my pronouns.


Books I would consider writing


Clearly my suggestions that I would consider writing a book about a Zombie podiatrist or a Magic Q-tip were merely lame attempts at humor. A chapter book about a Chia Pet or picturebook about a Rolodex, sure, but Zombies and Q-tips? What do you take me for?*

*This is rhetorical. Do not answer.

Just kidding


Of course I wouldn’t consider turning my YA mystery into a novel about a Zombie podiatrist in Dusseldorf, just so I could work with the agent mentioned in an earlier post. A MG book about a magic Q-tip from Framlingham, sure. But Zombies? I would never stoop that low.