Dispatches from the continuity wars 10/9


My MC* was so thrilled when the boy of her dreams asked her to a party.* Except he didn’t. Also, there wasn’t any party. Or boy.

*Writer talk for ‘Main Character.’

**Why did this turn into topiary first time I wrote it? Perhaps I should have left it and readers would say “What a clever and obtuse writer Carol is!”



For those of you who don’t know about 1linewed* this is a wonderful place where writers tweet lines from WIPs**

It is a good thing when they wait until Monday to post the theme. Otherwise, I’d get nothing done all weekend.

*That would be most of you

**Works in progress, or women in pants, wombats in Paris. I could go on and on. Don’t worry. I won’t.



Catching slips of conversation from the table next to mine in my favorite coffee spot. ‘Conversation’ is actually an overstatement. It is more of a monologue punctuated by an occasional ‘We really should go” from his beleaguered listener. The monologue revolves around his new not-yet-started up company’s business plan. He has covered the same ground perhaps 132 times. His final question is “I don’t like email. Should I approach investors through a little chat?” In his case, NOOOOOOO.

Why I’ve been missing in action*


It’s been a few days since I posted. I could blame it on

  1. The Jewish holidays
  2. A desire to spend every waking moment writing
  3. Grief over the death of the composer of the Oscar Mayer wiener jingle writer

Or, I could tell the truth. I forgot.**


*You hadn’t noticed? Humor me.

**Hey, I’m old. I’m supposed to.