Is it so wrong?*


As a writer, one of the questions I sometimes ask myself is, “Should my 99-year-old mother die, how many days later could I go back to writing without seeming callous and unloving?”

Corollary: I hope my mom lives long enough for my first novel to be published. I won’t mind taking a week off, then.**



**She’s doing just fine, thank you. We plan to put her in our will.

Writing Break*


You know the fates are telling you that you need a break, when a little kid at the far end of your coffee/writing spot starts playing “Ode to Joy” on a tonette**…repeatedly.


*Don’t get too excited. I’m talking “ten-minute” variety.

**Spellcheck clearly didn’t go to elementary school in the ’50s. It keeps trying to change this to “rosette.”

It’s not you, it’s me


I got my third “I love your writing, but I don’t know how to market this” rejection on a novel today. I suppose I’ll have to shelve that one until I write an amazing best seller or three. Then anything I write will be marketable.*

*Well, maybe not the middle grade novel if the best seller is chick lit with passionate, though not explicit, love scenes.