The guy next to be in the coffeehouse  is probably wondering why I’m watching a youtube video video of a Catholic funeral mass. Research for a novel. You can’t just make up liturgy and ritual in your head. Especially when you’re a rabbi’s wife.

Musical Insight


I’ve knocked out 1,000 words while listening to a dulcimer/guitar duo sing a lot of Woody Guthrie and songs about trains. I was knocked out of the coffee house last night by what I guess was a Heavy Metal band (it was too loud to tell) whose drummer played every song exactly the same. He effectively emptied the whole place. I don’t think that was the intention.

Gimme Shelter


My troupe will be performing under the auspices* of the National Theatre program that brings entertainment to shelters, etc. This makes me feel warm all over (really).

*one of the more sophisticated words in my vocabulary

Coffee and Inspiration


So I’m in Charlottesville doing research for a novel. Eating and walking around a lot,* but not putting many words on paper** And then I had a Eureka moment.*** I write in a coffeehouse when I’m home. As I write this, I’m finishing a latte at Shenandoah Joe’s. The words are flowing! Pavlov’s dogs had nothing on me.

*It’s research, honest.

**Not literally. Don’t be so picky.

***Not the vacuum cleaner kind. I don’t vacuum…or iron


I’ve decided to treat myself to an extra latte every time I write another thousand words. Productivity is expensive.

Extremely nice semi-famous people I’ve worked with


Adrienne Barbeau. We toured together in Fiddler. She played Hodel. I didn’t.* She was Carol in Maude and the original Rizzo in the B’way production of Grease. Katie Hanley was also in that production. She was my best friend in kindergarten.**

*Hey, it was my very first Equity show.

**Absolutely true and possibly an early influence on my theatrical  career.