Notes from the Query Trenches


As even my time is valuable, I research potential agents like I’m in query grad school. It’s impossible to find a perfect agent, but I rarely find one who dwells on the planet, “Are You Kidding?” So I offer you today’s rare find, who shall reman unnamed.*

She wants info on your social media platforms, AND how you personally will market and promote your book, AND she’s only sold 5 in seven years, AND four of them were self-help books for improving dental hygiene.**

*If you guessed “Voldemort,” I can’t blame you, but…no.

**Ok, not actually dental hygiene, but close enough.



So here’s my new idea for my synopsis. “CHLOE wants something. Many characters with their names in all caps help her, get in the way, or both. In the end she gets what she needs,” Cue Rolling Stones music. That’s it. That’s the whole synopsis.

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1Amy R EM



I don’t write Own Voices fiction, because unless “Fallen Away Actor/Director” qualifies as one, it would be a poor choice.

However, my novels have diverse casts. Luckily for me, I have the perfect critique partner. She’s Bi and her spouse is Trans, making her my own personal sensitivity reader.

It’s amazing how much a writer can miss without that kind of help, whether it’s the simple use of pronouns or more complex emotional issues and life experience.