Beep, beep, boop, boop


Why do I always get that silly message when I inform my blog I want to write a post? Is it supposed to inspire me? Perhaps if I were writing about traffic jams or cartoon Martians.

What I actually wanted to write about was yesterday’s clever* post. I am informed it was too esoteric for anyone other than a cartographer.

*I am being ironic, so no mean comments.



Finland was joined by a visitor from Latvia yesterday. I’ll bet they were both over at their friend Estonia’s house, and he said, “Hey, let’s play a joke on Carol Nissenson.”

John Travolta


This is an encore name drop! The great John Travolta once asked me “Do you think it’s ok if I drop out of high school? To which I said, “You’ll never amount to anything if you do that.” I was wrong.

First save the latte!


Fire alarm in building with favorite coffee place. You could see  everyone debating whether to stay and finish their coffee or pack up their computers and evacuate. False alarm. Coffee and bagel still there when I returned. PHEW!