2 Biscotti


Sadly, adding a second pistachio/cranberry biscotto to my afternoon soy latte break did not double my writing output. Perhaps I’ll go with a brownie next time.

Phillip Glass


Witty* quip re Phillip Glass Autobiography.

Person 1: It’s kind of boring.

Person 2: Same words on every page?

*I can say this because I can’t take credit for the wit.

Coffeehouse Playlist


For the last 90 minutes it’s been a stuck record with occasional sighs. And yet, I can write to it, while the chirping of a cardinal outside my office window completely distracts me. Go figure.

The Man Who Would Not Be Washington


I think the last adult nonfiction tome I read was What to Expect When You’re Expecting.*  This biography of Robert E. Lee is stunning. You should read it.**

*That was slightly after the Lower Canada Rebellion. Look it up.

**CaveatI knew the author, Jonathan Horn, when he was a wee lad, but I only promote excellent books, really, honestly. I know lots and lots of writers (ok, some are dead, but I did know them), and I only hype the best stuff.

New improved blog


So I said to myself, the title of my blog is boring! The visuals are boring! Time for them to be more like my thoughtful and witty posts.* It’s also truth in advertising, for I am, in fact, an actor, writer, and rabbi’s wife. I don’t walk into bars much, though, for I can be wiped out by a single Mojito.

*You know the drill. No snide remarks.



Last night I made up my mind I needed a Tumblr account. I really, really tried to conquer its many offerings. Then I realized that I’d filled up the last remaining space in the technology compartment in my brain.*

If I put anything more in, something else will fall out the back, e.g., how to use my Nespresso machine. One must have her priorities straight.

*If I had any left I’d use it to figure out how to make this blog look a less like a high school essay.

A new definition of insanity


Starting work on a 4th novel when you’re not finished with revising the first three yet. Think of what an oeuvre I’ll have by the time the first one gets published!*

*Do not say anything snide. It would be too easy. Also, I would hurt you.

Didn’t buy a book for ten days!


And I’m proud of myself, as I was running low on funds and shelf space. I finally broke down and bought A Sense of the Infinite in hard cover tonight at Politics and Prose  Hey, you have to support your local independent bookstore, right?