My Hero


My definition of a hero:the barista* who put cardboard under one of the legs of my favorite table at my favorite coffee place so I didn’t get a 4.4 on the Richter scale every time I touched my keyboard.


*I think this is a stupid term and actually he mostly works the register, so I shall henceforth refer to him as “My Hero.”

The Holidays


In deference to, and with great respect for, this holiday season, I will not go to Bump ‘n Grind 12/24, 25, 31, or 1/1.*

*ok, deference and respect have nothing to do with  it. They’re either closed or closing early on those dates. Would an obsessive individual such as myself be deterred by respect?



I would like to give a shout out* to Nancy Charak who, in addition to being a loyal reader, is a very gifted artist. You should all look at her stuff.**

*Pretending to be hip, here.

**Technical term we art experts use.

Get it done



I am absolutely  positively going to have a completed manuscript ready for my next writers conference in March, so I can absolutely positively dazzle any agent or editor I meet there.*

*After I absolutely positively dazzle them by riding in on a flying pig


Mac vs PC


My unscientific study shows that Macs outnumber PCs about 3 to 1 in my favorite coffee place. This would explain why the owners can afford the coffee here. Or not.



So it seems lots of agents and editors HATE* italics. And I believe they have a point. So I’m combing my current (way too many) projects to see where I can straighten out the little buggers. But I’m doing it while listening to the Pentatonix, so it’s an almost pleasant experience.**

*They also hate all caps.

**Slight over statement. It is not an onerous*** experience.

***At least that isn’t in all caps and italics.