My Copious Spare Time


Why only join one critique group when you can join two? Many reasons, like 130 pages a month of reading and making suggestions that are helpful, insightful, and complimentary, with an occasional dose of brutal.*

Some might say, “How are you going to manage 130 pages a month?”

*If you define ‘brutal’ as “I thought you might want to try something else here, but if you don’t it’s ok. It’s only my opinion and I could be wrong.”

2 thoughts on “My Copious Spare Time

  1. You nailed it about the brutal. As for 130 pp a month along with baby and own writing, well that’s proof you’re a REAL WRITER. Only a true writer would be masochistic enough to routinely turn over their life’s work, their most cherished dreams to indifferent strangers–agents, editors, and random critique group members.


    • Confession: That’s my granddaughter, not my daughter! And she’s a few thousand miles away in LA so when I do get to see her, not a whole lot of writing happens. Good tradeoff. I do write at least 5 hours a day, usually 7 days a week. Slogan: Don’t bother me. I’m writing.


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