I have read a very good book


It’s called Flipped and it’s more or less about a childhood crush, that greatly resembles my own, including a few that happened when I was 19. I was a late bloomer.

Also I have discovered  a hilarious Twitter page called Veryrealistic YA. Don’t go there. It will take up hours of your time.

4 thoughts on “I have read a very good book

  1. Amy

    Hi Carol–So nice to meet you this past weekend (and it was great to have a friendly soul nearby when I was looking for the right place to go :). I just saw on Twitter that you said you were married to a rabbi! If I only I had known while we waited in the Welcome Center–I would have mentioned one of my favorite YA books called “The Path of Names.” It’s a good mystery that takes place at a Jewish summer camp, involving all sorts of cool facts about Jewish mysticism. I enjoyed it. Can’t wait to read your book too 🙂



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