I was relieved to discover that you can get from Bennington Vermont to northern NJ in 3 hours, not that I plan to make the drive.* It’s just that my characters would be moving to a new house at 2am if it was  much further. These characters are odd, but in a Magical Realism sort of way, not a “Hey, let’s get up in the middle of the night and drive a moving van down a mountain” way.

*I have nothing against either state, but we** are talking about my book, not my vacation itinerary.

**Ok, technically we aren’t talking at all. It’s a figure of speech. Get over it.

One thought on “Vermont

  1. You should have told** me about this before. Hmm, 3 hours for that distance. I made a supersonic subway for nothing. I couldn’t be sure about time or distance. I just wanted my characters to get here, there, and everywhere without having to worry about time. I never thought about Vermont, or New Jersey — wasn’t it a highway in New Jersey where people stumbled out of the brain of John Malkovich in “Being John Malkovich”? Gee, all that wasted travel, telepathy, and possession, and all I had to do was let them go to New Jersey. And I think the 1st High Priestess might have been happy in Vermont and wouldn’t have plotted to trigger an Ice Age and take over the world. Now I’m hiding in my sealed and abandoned apartment building with the 2nd High Priestess. We have the supersonic subway train inside the building, but I don’t think we have a stop in New Jersey or Vermont.


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