Unicorn Conference


At this past weekend’s writers conference, I  realized one of my dreams in life: I made an agent laugh.*

*Ok, that’s a lie. My dream is to be published, and by someone other than myself. She really did laugh, though, and it was a “Hahaha, that was funny” laugh, not an “Are you kidding?” one.**

**Have you noticed my footnotes are often longer than the main part of the post? You hadn’t? Then I’m sorry I called your attention to it.

One thought on “Unicorn Conference

  1. What’s in a name: “Would not a lap-top-returner person by any other name than “Rose” smell as sweet.”*
    *“What’s in a name. Would not a rose by any other name smell as sweet?” But a florist tried to sell an heirloom Rose called the “Herman Melville Rose”, and it didn’t do well.**
    **“la beauté sans vertu est une fleur sans parfum” — Beauty without virtue is like a flower without perfume. Now what to do with wilted flowers? Much ado about~~
    ~~ I don’t know. I just wanted to try out the few symbols on the keyboard that I don’t have to find a code for.


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