The Power of Social Media


So I’m on my way to a writers conference in Purchase, NY and I leave my laptop in the cab from Penn Station to Grand Central.* I do not have the cab driver’s medallion number. I am in the last ring in Hell. An hour later I get a tweet from a wonderful man.**

Found your laptop in cab.

And he gave me the driver’s medallion # and phone. I got my laptop back.***

Of course the destination is irrelevant. I just added it for local color.

**I would tell you his name, but then you’ll expect him to find your laptop, too.

***Which you already guessed, because I don’t tell sad stories, unless they’re also very funny.

One thought on “The Power of Social Media

  1. I put an answer to this in the wrong box. Clicked above instead of below. I’ve lost my click and it’s gone wandering. Oh that blues song “I’ve lost my clique, and the claque is gone” is getting to me. I’m too tired to go on and fix this or fix the day… and they say “Carpe Diem” which means “finger the day”


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