And speaking of bullet biting…


I had to face the painful, bitter, heartbreaking and just plain annoying fact that the structure of the first 75 pages of a novel I have been working on since shortly after the Louisiana Purchase, sucks and must be totally reworked.

3 thoughts on “And speaking of bullet biting…

  1. The Louisiana Purchase>/b> was a good buy, well at least until the hurricane. Did Andrew Jackson read the first 75 pages? He brought home the bacon and the beans. Maybe you can bring home the bacon.
        I haven’t even finished my novel (450 pages so far) and now I see that it would be doomed if I had to submit the first few pages as a sample. The first chapter has poetry in it alas. I’m in the process of removing all poems from Chapter 1. I’m keeping them sort of by translating them into prose. It’s depressing, I was doomed because I couldn’t finish the ending, which might be the end of world, and now I was never born. I really want to kill off all my main characters…


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