It’s another installment in “Questions you never asked me, but I’m going to answer them, anyway.

What genre do you write?

At the moment I’m writing Young Adult.

Can you tell us a little about your current work in progress?

Which one? There are four, including a Magical Realism a Modern fantasy, a Coming of Age and my very, very favorite, a mystery. I am either very creative, ADHD or both. All have female protagonists, three of whom are likeable, though snarky, wiseasses. One is just likable. She’s also cursed. Well, you can’t have everything.


Confessions of a Writer tag#2


Today, gentle readers (and the rest of you) I will answer the first question. See previous post…or don’t.

When did you first start writing? Was being a writer something you always aspired to be?

The Horn Book for Children published one of my poems when I was 7. They paid me five dollars, which in a time of nickel Cokes and popsicles was big money.

I’ve co-authored over a dozen murder mystery scripts for Now This, the improv troupe I direct. Collectively they’ve been performed a at least 200 times* mostly for young adults audiences, but also for a lot of companies that make lists with numbers like ‘500’ in their titles**. I like to write in ‘victim’ parts for myself so I can leave the show after 30 minutes and read a book.


*No, honestly

**Also honestly

Confessions of a writer Tag With thanks to # Alpha_Annelisa


This is a wonderful writers’ sport where we get to interview ourselves. No, honestly. And I didn’t start it. And I think I maneuvered someone into tagging me, because if I don’t talk about myself, who will?*

It is a very long interview. Some people put beautiful pictures between the answers. It makes it far more entertaining. I can barely take a photo with my iPhone, so I will answer one question a day. Tune in tomorrow**

The spellings have been changed to reflect the fact that I’m not British, or English or whatever the proper term would be.

*This is rhetorical, so no witty remarks.

**You tuned out about about four lines ago.

Fish tacos


I mention this, because this is the topic about which the young man with the loud voice two tables away from me is currently delivering a monologue. It follows his thoughts on chicken pot pies, Potbelly sandwiches, and the length of time he waited to be seated at Eggspectations. He’s into his second hour of non-Zagat’s reviews. There seems to be no chain restaurant he’s missed.

Oh, good. He’s moved on to ice cream stores.

Tech wizard


Ok. Not really. But I did learn how to crop a photo today. This makes me almost as tech savvy as any 4 year-old. However (drum roll, please), last week I fixed a kernel panic on my laptop. I’ll bet you don’t even know what is.*

Unless you are younger than 15.