So why am I here?


Shameless self promotion, of course! But if that’s all I posted, like ‘Hey, I direct an award winning improv troupe,” why would you ever return? So I shall begin by telling you how to get a letter to the editor published. I am really, really good at this. Once I got a letter to the editor and one to Miss Manners published in the Washington Post the same day. One of my proudest moments. And then there’s the New York Times, and the somewhat lesser known Northwest Current and the Daily Targum at Rutgers, the latter being, I believe, a notable achievement for someone who never went to Rutgers, and is, at least nominally, a grownup. Of course, you will have to read my next post for the details. This is what they call in literary terms, a cliffhanger, and in every other term, a cheap trick.

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