I read an interview with a teacher who seemed very nice, but his advice to his students was that they should never think about the commercial potential of a novel, but only write because they have a good story to tell. Having a good story is essential, but not caring about making money from hundreds of hours of work? Seriously? I don’t know how other writers feel. Personally, I have no desire to be the George Seurat of novels. If you don’t think about the commercial potential of your book, you should remember that publishers do. If you don’t care whether anyone sees your work, you have a perfect venue. It’s called a diary, or, in my case, a blog.Image


  1. nancycharak

    I’m a visual artist. My work sells appropriately at venues with both a gallerist who is a good salesperson and a demographic that both likes and can afford the art I make. I do feel a twinge when they leave me, but I can honestly say that I put the money from sales of my art to good use. I buy more art supplies. Sales one year paid for a trip to Spain, can’t complain.


  2. Hi! My aunt (Barbara King) sent me here. I’m glad she did. You DO have a great blogging voice. What you’re saying about the commercial potential of books is something I’ve said about blogs, too, when helping people think of their blog strategy. If you really didn’t care whether or not people read your blog, you’d just keep a diary. Just a twist on what you’re saying too! 🙂


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