When I first started writing…and, believe me, I have no idea why I did…I soon discovered that, to paraphrase the Beyond the Fringe routine, ‘Why I Became a Coal Miner Instead Of a Judge,’ what my writing lacked was EVERYTHING. Well, maybe not everything. I’m pretty good with plot and characters. So I decided to take an online course. It was not University of Phoenix (sorry, University of Phoenix grads, if any of you are reading this, which is highly unlikely), it was University of Wisconsin, the Harvard of the Midwest (except it costs a lot less). It was taught by Lori Devoti, and it was terrific and you should all visit her website, http://www.loridevoti.com and follow her blog. Anyway, I finally found my voice! I’m writing my blog in it! It’s totally absent from my Young Adult Paranormal novel! The title character has been living on a mountain since she was 10, and hasn’t exactly mastered the art of witty banter. Almost every other character is a 9th grader. I’m sure other 9th graders will find some of their banter witty, adults and people over the age of 16, not so much.Image

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