So I’m over half way through formatting, and I discover that Word has decided to reformat everything I’d already done, inserting large gaps between some lines, and shrinking the text size in others. Page numbers are ending up in the middle of the page. Shoot me now.

4 thoughts on “I HATE WORD

  1. Sorry to jump in here again…this sounds like you’ve got a setting set, something in auto format. Surely in your vast cornucopia of peeps in your neck of the woods, you’ve got an experienced legal secretary who knows styles and formatting to beg help from?


  2. nancycharak

    It also sounds like you’ve been cutting and pasting other styles into the document, rather than stripping the codes as you paste it in. Now you’ve got a document that is very large, not with type but with code, and it’s getting confused as to what to do.


    • nancycharak

      Word is a style engine, cleverly disguised not to look as such by its makers; to look like a sheet of paper in a typewriter, ech.


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