Attend conferences. It’s the best way to meet agents and get them to look at your work. I would really, really, really love to do that, even if I didn’t meet a single agent, so I could take great workshops and mingle with other struggling writers. OK, that’s a partial lie, because I’m also expecting to meet agents, which is the reason every other struggling writer is there. So I did a little research. I avoided the ones that involved flying to Dublin, a five night stay and a $700 hotel bill, and found the Unicorn Writers Conference a truly yummy one with actual workshops I need and agents I’d love to meet. It’s only one day, and it’s in someplace in Connecticut I never heard of, a reasonable ride if I could find someone who had a reason to visit that someplace to share the driving(wow,Image that was awkward syntax). Then I’d only end up with a $250 hotel bill, $385 for registration, gas and tolls (split 2 ways..such a bargain), and 2-3 days of lost income. If you want, you can add all that up. I didn’t bother. You get the idea, anyway. I found a totally affordable conference just minutes from my house. It was for people who write books about dogs.

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