Those who actually follow this blog (I believe that would be Nancy and Cherie) know that Word keeps reformatting my documents. After hours of maddening struggles with the possibly greatest cause of nervous breakdowns in the known world, I have discovered a Luddite and totally foolproof solution. In this case, the fool would be Word and its demonic developers. In most cases it’s probably me. Delete the offending line and retype it. Word doesn’t know what hit it. It took me four minutes to fix 100 pages. Take that, Word! 

4 thoughts on “WORD VANQUISHED!

  1. Chuck Weinstock

    I wish it were that easy Carol. I regularly find that when I delete a word in Word that it reformats from (say) 2 columns to 1.

    I know the creator of Word. He is otherwise a very nice guy.


  2. nancycharak

    To Chuck and Carol, each Word paragraph is a “bucket” inside of which is not only text but the hidden coding of formatting, italics, bold, font, size, kerning blah blah.


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