Sometimes, in a bad way. Now I want to make it clear to any literary agent who stumbles on this I don’t mean YOU. I’m sure you’re doing everything right. As to casting directors, I wouldn’t be surprised if you aren’t doing everything right, and I don’t care if you read this, because I’m not doing auditions now, I’m running them. So there! Here’s a tiny sample of confusing, and/or incomplete, and/or “I’m sorry, but that’s not what you asked for” notices, and I waited in a locker room with 120 other anxious actors to do. That’s not totally accurate. Sometimes there were 320.

1. The notice, which asks for Singers who move,’ neglects to mention that you have to be able to do a double pirouette. 

2. The notice neglects to mention that you have be over 5’8″

3. The notice says ‘Your best 8 bars’ and neglects to add ‘in a belt voice.’

4. The notice that doesn’t tell you anything beyond ‘Male’ or ‘female.’

Tune in tomorrow to learn why queries can be like that. Or don’t bother. You’re very smart. You already figured it out. 

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