So you sing your best eight or sixteen bars and/or read your monologue and you don’t get called back. Why, lord, why? Odds are good you’ll never know, and please, please, don’t ask. It’s really annoying, they don’t owe you an explanation, and they probably won’t tell you the truth anyway (trust me on that one).


So here are the levels of rejection in auditions and queries.

1.They don’t even tell you they got your initial request to be seen/read.

2. Query: Form letter Thanks, but no thanks. Audition: “Thank you. Next.”

3. Query; Nice form letter for projects they think had some obvious merit “We’re sorry we took so long to respond. Your project has obvious merit.” Audition: They let you sing 32 bars before they say ‘Thank you. Next.”

4. Query: Personal letter. We really love your style, but right now we’re not looking for Paranormal YA. Audition: You have the voice and face of an angel, but you’re just too short.

OK, I admit I never told anyone she had the voice and face of an angel, but that’s just because it never happened.




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