Scanning my published short stories; I’m six for six, not bad if you ignore the near total lack of financial gain, I realize that they all share the same style, ‘Flippant with a dash of meaning.’ Thus I have concluded that my novels must have at least one character who speaks with that voice. I shall call this archetype, ‘Wise Ass.’ I’m currently working him/her into all my “I was so sure this was finished, and yet to my horror it’s not’ novels.

Raise your hand if you have ever used the word ‘archetype’ in a sentence outside of a classroom. Now try using it in a pickup line, and let me know how it goes.

One thought on “GOT MY VOICE BACK

  1. I tried your challenge, and used it in a pick-up line. I’m reporting back as you asked.

        “Oh, enchanting Babe, come to my apartment, be an archetype for my novel, and let a new image emerge into your consciousness; Carl Jung will be there.” I said.
        “Isn’t Carl Jung dead,” she said.
        “It’s a Ghost story, with sex.”
    She started to get excited. She said, “I get to sleep with Carl Jung?”
        “Um, well, no. Your archetype brings forth the image of us in bed and…”
        She said, “Are you trying to pick me up?”
        I said, “How much do you weight?”

    The pick-up line didn’t work too well the first time. Always lift with the legs and not the back.


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