Found a good story on Wattpad!


For those of you not familiar with it, it’s a website where nascent ( and some post-nascent) authors post there works to develop a fan base and/or edit. It’s a great editing tool. I use it for that purpose. But many of the posted stories are written by young women and girls and an occasional male. The writing is hideous and I can’t get past the first chapter. They may have several million followers, despite. But I digress.* The point is I found a delightful and well written novelette by an established author** and I read it twice.

*The eight or nine of you who regularly read this blog will note that I always do. At least I use asterisks.

**Her name is Colleen Hoover and the story is Finding Cinderella, and I’m not her agent or publisher, though I wish I were, even though I’m not an agent or a publisher.

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