Nice famous actors I have worked with


Harrison Ford. He told the director of the film* in which I was extra-ing he would not go on with the scene until the extras got a better holding area, as in one that shielded us from the icy pouring rain.

*Not naming it, because then you’d know who directed it and, as previously mentioned, I like working (like the director in question would know who I am…but still)

2 thoughts on “Nice famous actors I have worked with

  1. It’s a great story, Carol. It really makes you like Harrison Ford. Was your point about the director that the Dir was responsible for (or at least should have picked up on and done something about) the rotten holding area? Not absolutely sure I got the point. But, heh, at 63, I’m just happy my fingers are still working well enough to type this comment to you. A toast to still-functional body parts!!


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