Weird Twitter exchange*


I had such an odd exchange on Twitter over the last couple of days, I had to share it.** Someone tweeted about how important it was to retweet other people, and I said, as jovially as I could, I also liked it when someone favorited one of my tweets. Then he said ‘favorites’ were ‘self-indulgent,’ and also I was rude for not addressing him by his first name (hey, when you only get 140 characters, are you really going to use up 11 of them on ‘Christopher?’).

Then a second person jumped in and agreed with him about ‘favorites,’ and said I should also say ‘Hi.’ At this point I tweeted off into the sunset.

*If you don’t tweet this might not mean anything to you. Then again, it might not mean anything to you if you do.

**I’d tweet it, but it’s way too long.

2 thoughts on “Weird Twitter exchange*

  1. They seem to have different kinds of games that go in and out of fashion. I’ve found out that whatever they do whether it’s “like” or “favorite” or Hi, or retweet, they don’t actually like my stuff and they don’t give a damn if in retweeting it anyone reads it after they see it retweeted. It’s some sort of cynical game. It doesn’t matter how long an essay or whatever that I write is. I can write a billion page masterpiece and I get a “like” 2 seconds after I post it. They can’t possibly read it in 2 seconds. I get a better idea what they think if they post an actual comment, but sometimes their comment to my masterpiece essay is, “Thank you for your essay. I like it.”


  2. Oh, wait, I forgot my Dear Carol, I will now (drum roll please and trumpet fanfare)… oh I already forgot which ceremony I’m supposed to perform… Oh yes, I will now click the “like” button if I can find it…

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