I’m combining two years of plot into one, and it is, at last working. I printed out calendar pages. My desk looks like a war room. I hope I can read my writing.



This is one of my very few serious, asterisk-free posts. There is a wonderful new documentary about Julius Rosenwald, a man who underwrote some of the most important African American institutions (Tuskegee U., the Rosenwald schools and the first African American YMCAs, to name a few) artists and scientists ((Langston Hughes, Charles Drew, James Baldwin, Augusta Savage, Marian Anderson and many, many more)  of the early 20th Century. It’s amazing to see how one person’s very targeted philanthropy can make a difference in the world. See it and feel better about humanity.

Bionic novel


My novel is rapidly becoming The Six Million Dollar Novel.*  I can rewrite it. I have a computer. I can make it better than it was. Better, longer, sellable.**

*Just a cultural reference, not hubris, though it would be nice if it brought in six million, or six thousand, or anything

**If you recognize this paraphrase, you are either old, or watching too much TV Land.

I so don’t want to cut this chapter


It’s about bogus American Idol auditions and it’s really, really funny* But I probably will, because I hear the voice of a potential editor and/or agent whisper in my ear** “This is very funny, but it stops the action.”

*Not merely my conclusion, but also that of an unbiased focus group that included my sister and my younger son.

**I know this is redundant. People do not whisper in your nose.

Another very nice actor I have worked with


Harrison Ford* in a cemetery scene. We were working in freezing rain and the extras holding area was an unheated tent whose flaps kept a-flapping in the wind. He walked off the set and told the director he wouldn’t shoot another scene until we got a heated non-flapping tent. We got one. Nobody messes with Harrison Ford.

Bear in mind that when it comes to movies ‘worked with’ usually translates to ‘got to stand near him in a scene.’