Writer tag #6 Just when you thought it was safe to go back on my blog


What’s the name of your favourite* character and why?

I’m shamelessly in love with Dani Rosen, protagonist of my YA mystery Dread & Breakfast, now in final edit stage. Dani is a street smart, wiseass, Brooklyn Jewish girl with an ongoing inner monologue that’s usually funny and sometimes (understatement) inappropriate. Sample conversation.

Nick throws me a look and shifts into creep mode again.

“So, Dani, tell us something about yourself.”

Yes, I use birth control, I’m legal, and I’m a 34D. If you make any attempt to verify that, I will cut your balls off.

     “Oh, not much to tell. I live in Sherier, Maryland. I’m a senior at Sherier High. My goal in life is to be the next Meryl Streep, and my first choice school is NYU. I’m desperate to get back to New York.”

*First clue that I didn’t write these questions. It was some nice British person.

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