A prize winning book I probably won’t finish


Usually I give a novel 15 pages to grab me, but Pulitzer Prize winners get a few more. You know, it’s like the difference between waiting for a T.A. and a full professor.

So I’ve given this very beautifully written book fifty pages. So far it’s about 80% back story, 50% of which is adjectives. NOTHING IS HAPPENING. Times up, award winning novel.

In fairness, I’ve probably been spoiled by reading The Goldfinch, a prize winning book that overflows with action and adjectives.

2 thoughts on “A prize winning book I probably won’t finish

  1. You’d love The Goldfinch, then. The maddening thing about the other book was that she’d build up your hope that something was about to happen, then skip past the actual event and have it referenced in conversation.


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