Almost irresistible conversation


Today in my coffee/writing spot I was treated to a chat between two people I am fairly certain were pathological liars. They were meeting for the first time, supposedly so she could get advice on the feature film script she was writing. He had a thick accent—possibly  Moravian* She sounded a lot like a Valley Girl and claimed to be 19**

He had done a series of documentaries that many major studios almost picked up.

In her brief life she had runaway at 12, worked on a marijuana farm, won a full scholarship to Stanford which she somehow lost because her roommate stole her bed, worked as a waitress, dated a mafioso, investigated the fate of the ‘disappeared’ in Chile,  and written a (still unpublished) cookbook. Her dream is to start a gluten-free luggage store with her mom.

I’ve cleverly changed a lot of the actual details, because I’m averse to lawsuits, but this is pretty close to the actual conversation.

*of course I’m making that up. It was Sanskrit.

**As in’30.’

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