Juggler Vain


I had the audacity to start a new project yesterday, because I have this bizarre idea I can write in any genre of fiction.* So here’s my current scorecard.

3 full manuscripts of one YA (youngish) modern fantasy with agent/editors   Idea for sequel languishing in back of mind

2 query invites Chick Lit/Cozy Crime  Second draft of sequel complete

1 query invite YA (oldish) modern fantasy

1 YA coming of age awaiting revisions (on the sidelines now, because even for me, there’s a limit)

And now I’m 600 words into a YA (youngish) mystery

There is a method in my madness. I do have a plan. Whatever sells first, that’s the style I’ll write in. Seems as realistic as any of the ideas I’ve had lately.

*Except the ones I don’t want to write in anyway,  like Dystopian Westerns, picture books about dental floss, historical paranormal Middle Grade romance and anything with an important life lesson that would have been just fine for the 18th century,

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