Separation Anxiety


I’m going to the Highlights Summer Camp next week and I’m suffering from severe separation anxiety. Sorry husband, it’s not about you*

I’m suffering from separation anxiety, because part of the deal is once you turn in the first 20 pages of your manuscript (June 1), you’re supposed to put it away and not touch it until you get to camp. And my manuscript and I have been a thing since last year, and I miss it. I hope it doesn’t think I don’t care anymore.

So I’ve been filling the void by editing another novel. Writers, raise your hands if you think you can fill a void with editing. Anybody? Anybody?

*Not really sorry. It would be very neurotic to be anxious anytime I didn’t see my husband for 6 days, don’t you think?**

**That’s a rhetorical question. No need to ponder it.

One thought on “Separation Anxiety

  1. I share your pain. I’m querying my new novel and jonesing to write. Another novel. A short story. Even revision sounds good at this point. Querying sucks the marrow from your very bones, All this dancing about, racking your poor brain for some STARTLING, TWISTY, FIZZY way to describe your 350 page novel in 100 words, when what you really feel like saying is: “Hey, this is a pretty damned good book. Do you want it or not?” And then get back to your real life–writing. Courage ’til you get to the Highlights Summer Camp.

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