I’m Baaaaaack


Please tell me you noticed I was gone or pretend you did, also that your life will be richer now that I’m back.

I’ve been writing and querying and reading. Mostly reading. I’ve devoured quite a few books and stopped reading almost as many by the end of the first chapter. My TBR list is too long and life is too short…also I have the patience of a four-year-old. However, I’m supporting my local Indie bookstore (Amazon doesn’t need my money) whether I finish them or not, so it’s cool.

As to the writing—* I’m in the process of querying a couple of works and trying to make my very first novel less awful. Some of the scenes now approach mediocrity, which is a big improvement.

*I love em dashes…also ellipses, (and parentheses). Get over it.

2 thoughts on “I’m Baaaaaack

  1. Favorites include The Four Winds, several of Fred Vargas’ Inspector Adamsberg mysteries, The Wide Starlight, Rainbow Rowell’s Carry On trilogy, A Deadly Education and its sequel, The Last Graduate,


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